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Oil Change

Regular oil changes can help optimize the performance and fuel economy of your car, truck, or SUV. Many older-model vehicles, including those manufactured without or before the creation of the Oil Life Monitoring System, require oil changes at 3,000-mile intervals. However, thanks to advances in engine technologies, newer models can have a longer range between oil changes. Always refer to your for oil-change intervals for your specific vehicle.

The Service technicians at Righteous Autos are expertly trained to understand how your vehicle uses its oil and how it monitors oil life. An oil change from our technicians not only gives you great service, convenience, and a great price, but you also get the added value of their expertise on your vehicle.

To keep your engine running smoothly and extend its life, bring your vehicle into Righteous Autos. Come see us when it's time for your next oil change. (262)-639-0876

Preventive Maintenance

Your vehicle is a lifetime investment, and purchasing a car is perhaps one of the greatest expenses one can incur. That means you want to keep your car, truck or SUV running like new, and Righteous Autos wants to be your partner in that endeavor. At Righteous Autos, we have the experience, the expertise, and the knowledge it takes to not only fix your vehicle but stop it from breaking down in the first place.

While car maintenance is sometimes unavoidable, regularly carrying out checks can help prevent costly repairs in the future, saving you a ton of money while at the same time ensuring your vehicle is in good working condition.

Oil Changes

All preventative maintenance is important, but oil changes are the single most vital piece of the puzzle. The first maintenance service any vehicle gets straight from the manufacturer is an oil change. This service is done the moment your brand new car clocks around 500 miles. It is during this break-in period that several components of the engine begin to come together. Over time, tiny pieces of metal break off and mix with the engine oil. Getting an oil change service will help flush out debris, keeping your engine healthy and working at optimum performance.

Transmission checkup

Your transmission is perhaps the most expensive component of your vehicle when it comes to repairs. Without your transmission, your engine wouldn’t be able to convert the power it produces to the wheels to get the car moving. Therefore, to avoid transmission related issues, it’s important to schedule regular checks, including having a fluid flush as required.


Tuning up your car is about more than just performance. While it is true that a tune-up will help your vehicle run stronger, tuning up your vehicle on a regular basis can also provide better fuel economy.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement

Without a battery, your vehicle’s engine won’t be able to crank and start. Depending on your battery’s brand, the lifespan varies, they range from one to Five years. You don’t need to wait for your battery to fail to get a new one.

Brake and Tire inspection service

Most highway accidents are due to faulty brakes. It shows how important good functioning brakes are to your vehicle and safety. A rule of thumb is to check your brakes and suspension system every time you perform an oil change service. Your brakes won’t work if you have worn out tires, it will also be extremely difficult to control your vehicle when conditions get wet, and the roads get slippery. To make sure that your tires last longer, schedule a tire rotation service every 3,000 miles to help even the effects of wear and tear.

Tire Repair

Whether you are in the market for tire repair or replacement, our service experts can handle all of your tire needs. Need a new set of tires for your car, truck, or SUV, regular rotation to extend the life of your current tires, or expert balancing to keep you safe behind the wheel, Righteous Autos can give you just what your vehicle needs.

You should inspect your tires regularly (at least once a month) for excessive or irregular tread wear, scrapes, snags, cuts, bulges, cracks, impact damage, punctures, stones or other debris embedded in the tread, or other damages. If any of these conditions are present, or if you are experiencing continuous pressure loss, the tire should be dismounted and inspected for damage on the inside and to determine if a repair can be made.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Driving with a front end that is out of alignment is dangerous and should be inspected. If your vehicle pulls to one side or feels unsteady during a hard stop, just bring it to Righteous Autos for expert diagnosis and service. We can check your alignment, make any necessary adjustments and get you back on the road safely.

Righteous Autos also provides expert tire balancing, so you can enjoy years of safe operation. Driving with tires that are out of balancing is also quite dangerous, so know the warning signs and bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible. Call us (262)-639-0876

Brake Service

When you need new brakes or it's time for a brake inspection, visit Righteous Autos where our Service experts understand your car, truck, or SUV better than anyone. When maintenance as critical as brake service is required, why go anywhere else?


Help keep your brake system working efficiently and safely with a visit to Righteous Autos for a brake fluid exchange. Our service includes a visual inspection of the brake system, replacement with new fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and proper disposal of the used fluid.


Avoiding costly repairs and maintaining your peace of mind begins with regular brake inspections. Righteous Autos performs a visual inspection of your brake system, measures the brake pads and provides service recommendation. Contact us for more information about a complimentary brake inspection.


Righteous Autos provides brake replacement without stopping your day. Whether you need pads, shoes, rotors or drums, a Righteous Autos brake service helps get your vehicle brake system back to manufacturer specifications.

Engine Service and Repair

The engine is a sensitive piece of machinery, powering your vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Modern engines are also referred to as internal combustion engines; they work by heating and combusting fuel inside to move your vehicle by powering pistons. There are different types of engines, usually defined by their number of cylinders, and in turn, the amount of power they can produce. Inside the engine is an area called a combustion chamber, this is where your engine creates the energy necessary to move pistons and power your vehicle. Inside the combustion chamber fuel is fired up and evaporated, being used to create energy which moves your car.

Being such a huge component of any vehicle, the engine makes it very obvious when there is trouble. Here are a few signs you should watch for, if you’re wondering whether your engine needs repair. Starting problems, poor mileage, idling and stalling, check engine light can do harm to the engine. It is especially important to seek help for engine trouble as soon as you notice a problem. Engine repairs can be daunting, especially because they can be more costly than other repairs. Keep in mind that the sooner you have maintenance work done to rectify damage to your engine, the less money you’ll spend on repairs in the future. Replacing your entire engine is always more expensive than fixing a small engine problem now.

You rely on your vehicle, and you want your engine to run smoothly for years to come. From preventative maintenance and routine oil changes to tune-ups and major overhauls, Righteous Autos is your engine repair expert. Just give us a call or stop by to keep your engine running its best. (262)639-0876


Your air conditioning system is part of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, and one of the key components in your vehicle’s comfort-control center. When your air conditioning is not functioning properly, driving can be miserable and, in some cases, even dangerous. All modern cars have a heater, and most have an air conditioner. These components help maintain safe and comfortable driving conditions, including visibility.

Schedule an appointment if you’ve turned your car’s A/C on but it still feels like a sauna in your vehicle. Other times, the warning signs might not be so clear. So, when should you book an appointment?

Your car's A/C might be on the way out if...

  • There’s a strange smell coming from you’re A/C vents
  • You can’t feel any air blowing, or the air doesn’t get as cool as it used to
  • Your A/C is making funny noise

If you turned your car’s heater on ten minutes ago and you’re still shivering, that’s your first sign that something might be wrong. However, a few less obvious signs can also warn you that your heater is on thin ice.

Your car heater may need service if...

  • There’s an unpleasant or foreign smell coming from the heater vent
  • The windshield and/or windows are fogging up
  • You can see antifreeze leaking in your car’s interior (check the passenger side floor!)
  • Your car suddenly needs a ton of coolant

Just give us a call or stop by to keep you’re A/C or heat running its best. (262)639-0876


The suspension system of your vehicle is important to ensure your safety on the road and to help you maintain control of your vehicle while driving. Issues with your suspension system can cause difficulty steering your vehicle and can cause damage to internal parts of your suspension system. At Righteous Autos our technicians are specially trained and experienced to perform suspension repairs and services on all makes and models of vehicles. We recommend that your steering and suspension components are inspected at least once a year to make sure that everything is in top working order.

Many manufacturers recommend a steering and suspension system check every 50,000 miles. You might not want to wait that long. You should let our technicians inspect your shocks and struts if you notice

  • A harsh, bumpy, or shaky ride
  • Excessive noise when driving over bumps
  • Extreme bouncing or wandering, either driving straight or when you do hit a bump or pothole
  • Crooked steering wheel when your wheels are straight
  • Uneven wear on your tires

Just give us a call or stop by to keep you’re suspension at its best. (262)639-0876

We stand behind our work with an industry leading nationwide 5 year/60K Mile Warranty!